Quality Control


Our product of rubber Hose is undergo 100% quality test like Proof pressure test, Burning behavior test ,Adhesion test, Flexibility test, Low temperature flexibility test, Ozone & weathering  resistance test and resistance of Lining to n-Pentane. These entire tests carried out under the specification of Indian Standard (IS: 9573)

Advance quality testing equipments with experienced & highly qualified Technical staff ensure best quality Suraksha LPG Hose to our valuable esteemed Customers.


1. Proof pressure Test

Proof pressure test verifies if a particular hose can withstand high pressure above its threshold operating pressure without getting damage. It is a type of stress test which ensures product integrity and fabrication quality. This ensures, during uncertain conditions(like high pressure) product does not fail or behave in unanticipated manner.


2. Burning Behavior Test

Burning Behavior Test for a particular hose ensures that regulatory requirements for safety are enforced. The test ensures that critical parameters like burning rate, burning path and burning time are met according to prescribed safety standards. Thus, burning behavior test makes hose safe to use in all premises.



3. Adhesion Test

Hose Adhesion test determines if the hose will adhere(stick) properly to the pipe or equipment to which they are applied. Adhesion test result is very critical, since it leads to acceptance or rejection of a particular hose. The aim of this test is to prevent leakage of gas or liquid which flows from hose to pipe or vice-versa.





4. Flexibility Test

Hoses, especially hydraulic hose undergo Flexibility Test. It ensures that under certain conditions hose should not break or crack. Under ambient temperature of the environment hose should not leak or crack under proof pressure.





5. Low Temperature Flexibility Test

With the help of low temperature flexibility test, hydraulic hoses are rated for operation under cold weather conditions (-40 degree celsius). In short, this test indicates the flexibility and adhesion of hose under low temperature





6. Ozone & Weathering Resistance Test

Ozone & Weathering Resistance Test ensures that a product withstands weathering and atmosphere exposure so that quality and composition of the product is not affected. Moreover, it indicates that our product is compliance to ozone deterioration standards.




7. Resistance of Lining to n-Pentane

Pentane is an organic compound which is alkaline in nature and having 5 carbon atoms. The n-Pentane is an isomer of pentane.
According to BIS, n-Pentane absorbed and the n-pentane extractable matter should not exceed 15% and 10% respectively of the initial mass of lining. Resistance of lining to n-Pentane ensures that this BIS norm is followed.

The end product is rejected even if it fails to comply with atleast one Quality test. Product quality and environmental safety is our main vision, which makes Tuba Synthetics one of the Best Rubber Hose Suppliers in India.

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